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buscamos casas
I visited Pablo and the cat family today. Wow, the others are now all much chunkier than Morcilla, who I think is going to take after her mother. Anyhow, took some pics to try and attract people on Twitter because these guys are getting bigger by the minute. And it turns out that Pablo also wants to find a good home for nine-year-old Pitu, which will be even more difficult. But it seems he has developed allergies and can’t have cats at home anymore.

If I could take more in then I would, and I am still very drawn to that big orange boy. But I really think that having three is enough. So if any of you are living in or near Sevilla and know of someone who would like to adopt a kitten (or two) please let me know. And if someone would prefer a mature, gentle and very affectionate cat then Pitu would be perfect.