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Raincoaster thinks that Morcilla looks insane, and I do get the “crazy eyes” thing, which is accentuated by that random orange flame above her right eye and the silly “milk moustache”.  Morcilla was also the runt of the litter and remains quite small for her age. But what she has in spades is charm and personality. I mean, hey, I was all set to take the adorable chubby orange boy until I brought all the kittens home for a few days. And it ended up being this one who stole my heart, flirting with me from day one. Almost like she knew this was her one chance to win the kitteh jackpot in terms of great places to live. Her other three siblings didn’t fare so well and were eventually left at 10 weeks old to fend for themselves at some place in the country belonging to of a friend of Pablo’s. Fuck.

Anyhow, this little flirty girl may look nuts – and I’m sure she is as nuts as all kittens tend to be – but she has amazing interpersonal skills. She really wants to communicate which ends up being both lovely and hilarious. She also reminds me so much of Azar and I keep thinking “this one is really mine!” but I rather suspect it’s the other way round.