fff - duckThis week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “duck”…

This is one of my favourite little houses in the Barrio Santa Cruz, which I’ve nicknamed the Hobbit House (even though it doesn’t have a round door). It’s now a holiday rental and I’ve actually been inside thanks to some tapas tour clients who invited me back there for a nightcap after our evening out. I don’t think it was ever meant to be a residence – looks more like it was originally a guard house at one end of the Alcázar fortress. Anyhow, inside this place there are four bedrooms oddly scattered about on various levels, plus a lovely terrace upstairs. But the most striking feature is the open well in the living area when you walk in. Sure, it has bars over it to prevent kids from falling through (though Morcilla wouldn’t stand a chance) but I found myself wondering what climbs OUT of it at night. It seems to be bottomless.

Oh, and if you are even slightly taller than me (5’4″ or 165 cms) you would have to duck to get through the door.

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