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gowalksSo today I was out having a nice market pre-lunch snack with my friends Fred and Arpy, after which I decided to have a look around the shops thinking I might find a good deal on sandals (turned out the fab red suede Mephistos I ordered online in April were sold out and I have been making do with last year’s and the previous year’s sandals).

Instead I found these! Skechers Gowalks. Flexible, breathable, washable walking shoes. And on sale too. So I slipped this pair on and oh wow… super comfy. And so I bought them thinking they’ll not only be great for wearing to the gym but also for those morning walks I keep telling myself I’m going to start doing. Also, they’re casual and cute enough to just wear day-to-day. I’m sure I can find these in Sevilla too (or online) and so I think I’ll look for a more solid style for winter, though these should be good at least until the end of November. Now I think I should stop shopping…