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cold beer ikea

The last time I was in IKEA was in October 2012 when I bought this lovely bed, which then turned into a total IKEA nightmare, that was finally resolved a month later when they sent two guys over to re-install the bed. But today I felt the urge to head out to Castilleja de la Cuesta (Sevilla suburb and home to IKEA) to look for some very IKEA looking light fixtures I’d seen – and liked – when I was staying at Casa de Huéspedes last November. In the end I didn’t find the light fixtures I was looking for, but ended up with some new cushions and also replacement curtains required because of you-know-who… and also a bit of this and that. Half-way through the IKEA ordeal Peter and I stopped for the usual summer Cold Beer O’clock break, this time with (actually very good) sour cream & onion crisps, before heading back into the fray.  Best part was at the check-out – something almost nobody ever says – when I found out that one of the IKEA cards I’d brought along (had no idea what they were) turned out to be a “gift card” with a balance of 30€! So woo-hoo! My shopping trip ended up costing half as much as expected. So not a bad Monday. How was yours?