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This made me sad and angry in equal amounts. What kind of fuckwit does this? Of course it’s all because years ago the local government issued licenses to several bars in this area (my barrio!), allowing them to stay open until 4 in the morning (and there’s another next to my house opens at 6 am – wtf?). Needless to say this attracts the kind of “select clientele” that commits these kinds of atrocities. Also, all of these bars are tiny, so people spill out into the street all night long, drinking, shouting, fighting, pissing, vomiting, vandalizing…

But this poor orange tree. It really does symbolise our broken barrio. So often since I moved here four years ago I’ve considered moving because of the noise and the “war zone” feeling the streets take on at night. But what about the residents who own their homes? It’s a terrible situation. A few months ago a neighbourhood association was formed, and we’ve been fighting city hall ever since. Meanwhile, I’m sure palms are being greased somewhere, and many of these bars selling cheap booze (often to minors) are probably also fronts for other illegal activities. Otherwise why don’t the police do anything?