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sm to the rescue

There are so many answers to that question but I bet this is the first time anyone has said – because one day you’ll need it at the Post Office. I had been expecting a delivery from Amazon and thought it had been taking longer than usual, so I checked the tracking thingy on their website and saw that my parcel had been delivered to my address last Thursday (!!!). So I popped over to the Post Office and showed them the Amazon page on my iPhone, with the tracking number, my address, etc, and sure enough, they had my parcel. Obviously the guy had forgotten to leave a delivery notice.

So that was fine. Until I was asked for ID. Which I always have in my wallet. Except I didn’t have my wallet with me. I tried explaining that I had to be me because I’d already shown them the Amazon page that had my name and address on it, but they insisted on seeing photo ID. I was just about to leave in frustration to go home and get my wallet when I remember this blog post that I wrote ages ago. So I did a quick search, found the post, and showed them this photo of my (expired) driving licence. I still can’t believe it worked. Moral of the story: keep on writing because you just never know when blogging will come in handy. 🙂