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 more birthday
Yeah, yeah … I know my birthday was over a month ago. But the thing is, when I had my birthday feast at Vineria San Telmo with Ang & Ryan @JetsLikeTaxis, Eduardo @differentspain and Peter @SevilleConcierge, my friend Pilar couldn’t make it due to health reasons. But now she is feeling better and so we arranged to meet up today and CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY again. 🙂

I’ve known Pili for years and she has been with me through thick and thin – in fact she once gave me a month back when I was too sick on chemo to work. Just because she could. Amazing, right? But Pilar also lives in Los Bermejales… way the fuck far away from the centre of Sevilla, where I live. So it’s always – let’s face it – a pain in the butt to have to go all the way out there. Also, Los Bermejales is not pretty. There’s almost no reason to ever go there except to visit Pilar. Well, almost. There are actually a few very good tapas bars out there. And today we hit up three of them! That hadn’t been the plan, but as we were at our second stop (which was actually kinda mediocre) a tweet from The KilomEATers came through saying we HAD to go to La Doma. And so we did. What a fabulous place. It specialises in MEAT but as Pilar can’t handle meat and cheese these days we opted for some very meaty grilled setas, which were stunning (Sled, you would have loved them). I haven’t put all our tapas in the photo collage, but you can see some of what we enjoyed (the anchovies were sublime). And you can also see my birthday present from Pili… a 30-year-old VORS cream sherry from Gonzalez Byass. OMG.

All in all, quite a fabulous Tuesday. Gonna lie down now…