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bad backIt’s baaaaack. And as usual my back “went out”, as they say, while doing nothing at all. It happened yesterday just before the Triana Tapas Tour. I’d gone to the market to chat to some people there and go over my route (since it was my first time) and then I stopped for a coffee before meeting my clients. I don’t know if it was because I got a chill in my back, or because I was leaning forward too much, or both, but suddenly there was that telltale AAAARRGH feeling in my lower back, and when I tried to stand up it was very painful. But after walking around a bit it seemed to loosen up and felt more “tight” than painful during the tour. Same after I got home. Ouchy without being too bad. But then I woke up in the night in agony, so I must’ve pulled something in my sleep.

Today I am on painkillers and slathering on the BioFreeze, and need a crutch to get around the house. Luckily Peter is available to do my Flamenco & Tapas Tour tonight as I don’t think I’d even make it down the stairs. Hope it doesn’t last too long this time. On the bright side, at least I’ll get some work done on the blogs, etc. Oddly, sitting at my computer (and getting up to stretch regularly) is one of the two positions that only hurts a little. The other one is standing.  😦