sick day

This was my view most of today (vertical moments were rare as I kept having to return to my bed). No idea what this is. Went to bed last night feeling fine, woke up at 2 in the morning sick to my stomach and with violent ‘dire-rear’, which lasted until about 10 o’clock, so not much sleep. Of course I had a very busy day planned – I’d been invited to a special food event at midday and had a Flamenco & Tapas Tour booked for tonight. But clearly, as even sitting on the sofa was beyond me, I had to stay home. Lucky for me, Aldara from We Love Tapas was available to help out this evening, so she took my group and Peter took out his (both going to the same places in case Aldara needed help). Anyhow, aside from feeling like crap, I’m also bored out of my mind. Can’t hold a book in bed, can’t sit upright long enough to watch TV, everything hurts, whinge-whinge-whinge…

Whatever this is I hope it passes soon. I’m thinking some kind of bug since various muscles are aching including my eyeballs. Ick. Hope you’re having a better day! Back to bed for me.