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bucket bbqIt’s hard to believe that it was four years ago when I bought my first BBQ in Sevilla. A cheap no-frills model found in a suburban mall somewhere out there. Which was still in use when I famously hosted a BBQ in the rain with my friends Ang & Ryan @jetsliketaxis in the spring of 2013. But since then I have barely used it and, upon recent inspection, found the poor thing all rusted out and no longer usable. And if Ang & Ryan weren’t back in town, and if I hadn’t promised them a non-rainy BBQ at some point, I may not have felt inclined to look for another BBQ. Not because I don’t like BBQs (I love burnt flesh!) but because any normal-sized BBQ is just way too big for me, or even me and my housemate Peter. It just always seemed like a lot of effort to set the thing up to cook a couple of burgers, or a few bits of meat or fish.

Then I saw this today! A BBQ bucket. Just as no-frills as my previous one, but small and compact, and presumably perfect for a small BBQ meal for two. Which may turn out to be less than efficient for the sunshiny BBQ promised to Ang & Ryan (no worries, we’ll just make a day of it, and keep replenishing the coals) but I think it will be way more use-friendly for smaller rooftop meals. Also it’s cute. And red. Have you ever used one of these?