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rainy day bbq
Yes, it’s those Jets Like Taxis guys again, Ang & Ryan, this time enjoying a rainy day BBQ on my rooftop. This BBQ had been “in the making” for weeks and was originally going to include two other couples, but in the end I had to cancel twice because of The Rain. Then we got to talking about it during our Macarena day trip and, as this was Ang & Ryan’s last weekend in town, decided that we could sort of half-organise a BBQ for just four people (including Peter) so if we had to cancel last minute then no big deal. Basically it would be burgers & dogs, with Ang in charge of making her famous flavour-packed burgers and me getting some nice chorizo criollo to fill in as hotdogs. Of course – you know me – I had to be sure there was “enough food”, so I also made a nice spinach tortilla and some bacon & cheese croquettes as starters. Next to nothing was left over.

Everything was looking great until Peter lit the charcoal. Suddenly large black clouds swooped in and threatened to, well, threaten our BBQ. But we decided WTF and went ahead with it anyway. And it was fabulous! We sat under one of the large awnings in the rain (the BBQ was under the other one) listening to Paco de Lucía, drinking beer and wine, and seriously eating. There was something quite cosy about sitting out in the rain but being all dry and comfy and warm. How was your Sunday?