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anna libera

Awhile back my friend Anna @annalibera (@thekilomeaters) requested a night on my sofa bed as she was just doing a quick overnight here in Sevilla to pick up kids and head back to Galicia. So hey, no problem. Though it must be said that it is only a select few for whom “mi casa es tu casa” applies. Mostly because I don’t have a spare room and – more importantly (for me) – an extra bathroom. But one night is one night, right?

It ended up being a wonderful visit. Though the day had got off to a rocky start when I received a message from clients waiting for me at the market to start our tour… the one that I had in my calendar for the following morning!!! So… PANIC. I quick-showered and raced over to the meeting point only to find four lovely Aussies totally relaxed and not concerned at all about the slight delay. Phew! And we had a great time, even going over-time because we were enjoying it all so much. So I got home with just enough time for a second proper shower and quick tidy up before Anna arrived at 4pm.

After a late snacky lunch we went out to do a bit of shopping, then a quick cold beer stop before meeting up with Twitter pals Naomi @gingergourmand and Andrew @andrewknill for tapas (more on them later!). We finally rolled home sometime after midnight and drunkenly made up the sofa bed with curious cats all around us. Luckily Anna is a cat person, as you can see, so she wasn’t concerned about random cats sleeping on her head.  I just love those pics of her with Loki. Two gingers. Which I know is going to make Deb very jealous. Sorry Deb…