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sevilla photo shoot

I take hundreds of photos every week, and sometimes many more, especially when I travel. A lot of them aren’t worth keeping, but after I sift through my new pics, edit and file them, I just never get around to deleting all the other stuff from the original files. Just like I never get around to doing most of the online stuff I’m supposed to be doing (supposed to be doing? who said so? erm, me…).

So I am always chasing my tail. With thousands upon thousands of photos in my computer it gets very frustrating… I mean, I just KNOW I have a great shot of fill-in-the-blank to put in my blog, or website, or article I’m being paid to write. But find it? Half the time it’s easier just to go out and take the damn photo again (providing it was taken in Sevilla). I suppose if I took an entire week (or two) and dedicated it solely to sifting through my pics and properly editing/organising/deleting them I may actually reap from what I’ve sewn over the years. But that’s not going to happen. I go cross-eyed just thinking about it. And so the only obvious solution is… TAKE MORE PHOTOS!

Which is what I did today. A rare “day off”. Which usually means I end up working longer and harder than on a “work day”, which actually means there is really no difference between the two. Except “day off” work days mean I don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time, or be with people unless I choose to. This morning flatmate Peter was grumbling about not having photos for a blog post he was writing, and I had a few ideas scribbled down about things I wanted to photograph, so we decided to spend the day (or at lease the earlier and cooler part of it) going out on a Sevilla Photo Shoot. And it was fun. We both made lists of things we needed photos for, worked out a route, and headed out. I like to think it was a positive step in the right direction, but coming home again with even MORE photos, I knew it was at best just one small step towards a much better system, which is yet to be determined.

Fun day though. Lots of walking, revisiting favourite haunts, with refreshment pitstops along the way. And now I am editing today’s pics and wondering if I really should spend an entire week of my life ELIMINATING all the ones I know I never want to look at again (but which make it impossible to find the ones I really want). Every now and then, searching for something special that I know has to be *somewhere*, I come across gems I’d totally forgotten about. Is that worth dedicating a week for? I’m still not sure.