jerez flamenco
Since I was visiting Jerez with two flamencos nuts aficionados, Jo @missbishopsgate and Eva @ishowusevilla it was inevitable that we’d end up at Tabanco El Pasaje. Tabancos are traditional bars in Jerez that also bottle and sell the wines they offer by the glass, and El Pasaje is famous for its spontaneous flamenco performances. They also have programmed ones (which you can see above) but people also just drop in and take over the stage, with patrons joining in on the fun by singing along, hand-clapping and dancing. The video below is from my last afternoon in Jerez. I’d stopped by for a bit of amontillado before going to meet Jo for lunch and suddenly this happened! Unfortunately it hadn’t happend the day before when I was there with Eva or for sure you’d see her up there dancing too. Good times. #JerezGetaway #Flamencation