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This may not mean much to most of you, but this week I FINALLY discovered a place not too far from home where I can buy good fresh milk. Spain doesn’t have much dairy, so most available milk here is that boxed UHT stuff which, frankly, tastes like crap. Unless – or so I’m told – you grow up drinking that crap. Then it tastes like milk. Anyhow, a few years back I discovered they had fresh milk in litre cartons at El Corte Inglés and so I happily bought it there until they discontinued that format, changing to a big plastic 2-litre bottle, which always went off long before it was finished (and also long before the sell-by date).

I had found out about this milk by Hermanos Batato because it’s the same stuff used by an Italian place in the Alameda for its soft-serve icecream, but I was told it wasn’t sold in stores here. Then the other day I saw a small delivery truck pull up in front of a bar and I recognised the logo. So I asked the driver where I could buy this milk in Sevilla and was told they mostly sell to bars and restaurants. Though one exception was this tiny corner store up on calle Feria. Random! And that is how I came to finally have delicious fresh milk at home again. Which I only use in coffee, but it still makes such a difference. Sometimes it’s the little things.