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update dilemmaIt’s computer upgrade time! Not so much for myself, but flatmate Peter has been using trusty six-year-old Shadow since I bought the Greyhound, and it’s looking like Shadow is about to give up the ghost, so if I upgrade then I can pass the Greyhound on to him. But I’m not sure which way to go. I saw an older version of an HP all-in-one desktop (different than the one shown above) awhile ago and thought it might be nice to have a larger screen to work with, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to lose the portability option of a laptop. Though it must be said that the Greyhound has seldom left the desk in the past three years. So I thought I had finally decided on going with this newer desktop version with a 23″ touchscreen, but then I saw this 17″ laptop that is a bit cheaper and seems to have more “stuff” (RAM, memory graphics, etc) so would it be better to go with the laptop instead and keep the portability option? Do I really need 12 GBs of RAM? Help?

hp envy 17

hp envy 23