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tv vandal

Here is Morcilla, prettily reflected in the screen of my new TV

Problem? Well, yes. Morcilla has become enthralled by the cute cat “inside the TV screen” and does whatever she can to make contact, including SCRATCHING THE HELL OUT OF THE SURFACE. You know, to get inside, so she can play with this obviously attractive other being. Seriously, Morcilla sits up on her haunches and commences trying to scratch through to the other side of the screen. So far I haven’t seen any damage to the screen… I think she can’t really get a grip with the pointy-scratchy tips of her claws, so she ends up just (just???) dragging the curved edges of her claws along the screen. This morning I decided to try putting a throw over the TV when it’s not in use. We’ll see if that helps. Honesty. I mean, cheap 12€ IKEA curtains are one thing, but a 700€ TV???