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So this made my Saturday. I was already planning to meet up with my Instagram pal Paul, who is back in town for a week. Then I got a surprise text message from the fabulous Victor saying “SURPRISE! Guess who’s in town??” So in the end Paul, Peter, Victor and I all met up for a lovely lunch.

Last time I saw Victor was on March 11, 2020 when he gave me what was to be my last hug for a year and a half. Of course we’ve stayed in touch, but I haven’t been able to get down to Málaga and he hasn’t made it up here. But now he is back to work on his tours that pass through Sevilla. Normally he only has an hour or so to spare while his clients have lunch on their own, but this time we had a whole three hours! And it was great. If things work out then I hope to be in Málaga for a few days over Christmas, a tradition of mine that has been put on hold the past couple of years.

victorPeter, Victor & Paul
victor (2)March 11 2020