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When I moved into the new Casa Azahar in August it was all freshly painted and lovely and clean, but the previous owners had taken their light fixtures with them, which is fairly typical. And so, except for in the kitchen and bathroom, there were just dangling light bulbs waiting to be replaced with something prettier. This was actually the first time in about 20 years that I’ve had to buy ceiling lights, and back then it was strictly white paper globes, which was all I could afford. But although I’m more of a lamp person and prefer soft indirect lighting in the evening, my new place isn’t as bright & shiny as the last two were, and so it was clear that I would have to turn the ceiling lights on during the day *gasp*.

Thus began an almost two-month search for attractive and affordable ceiling and wall lights. You wouldn’t think this would be difficult but it turned out that the ones I liked cost a fortune, and others were too fussy (or, to be honest, just plain ugly). Finally I decided to just settle for the simplest designs in white, so that you wouldn’t actually notice they were there. Except for my bedroom light, which looks like fairies are visiting.Β  πŸ˜‰

Then of course they had to be installed. Back in the day I wouldn’t have thought twice about dangling atop a rickety ladder and connecting new ceiling lights. But let’s just say those days are gone. I’d received one very high estimate (80€!!) from one person, then I heard of someone else who would do it for half the price. And then my fabulous landlord came to the rescue. There were a couple of repairs that he was going to take care of, as well as swapping out the old oven here for my new one, and he said he’d have his guy come over and install my lights too. Yay!

There are still a few more things I’d like to do with this place, but those will be on me. I have to say I am very happy here and it really feels like home. Cats like it too.