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mortar pestleBazar Victoria – one of my favourite places in town – was forced to close its doors after more than 100 years because the fucking bank wants to use the premises for something else. Despite public outcry this piece of living local history ended up having to change location over the summer and they reopened this week a couple of streets away. So I stopped in today and was happy to see that it’s still a great shop full of fabulous clutter and I decided I should finally buy myself a mortar & pestle. Isn’t it beautiful?

I have actually been considering one of these for ages but always wondered if it would just end up collecting dust. So while Paula was wrapping up my purchase I asked her if she remembered the time I almost bought one. And she said… “You mean the time I took every one we had out and showed them all to you?”. Erm… yep. That time.  🙂