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So there I was this afternoon, just hanging around after lunch and wondering what to do next, after having spent the entire morning in front of the computer… and then I picked up my phone to check on Instagram and BAM! I saw that it was 27 DEGREES outside!!! It sure didn’t feel that warm inside. So it was time to dust off the ol’ sandals and take them out for a stroll.

I must’ve known this was about to happen soon, because on Monday I found a new nail colour for this year, and this morning I decided to try it out. Thus, I was all set to just slip on the sandals today. We went out in search of azahar, but so far it seems there is still none to be found in the city centre. Instead we ended up having a beer with our friend Juan at La Azotea (AKA The Office) before heading home again. So this is it. It will be difficult to get those  happy toes back into shoes if the weather cools off again. But it’s actually looking pretty good for the time being. Happy me with happy toes.