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So you may recall the last time I moved. IT WAS HELL. Especially the packing. And then literally last minute – the day before moving day – I found this amazing team to help us move. I still can’t believe it all worked out. But it really was a whole week of hell followed by serious moving day hell. Back then I really didn’t have much choice because my Sevilla Tapas Tours had yet to take off and money was a real issue. But somehow we got it all done on a shoestring.

This time money isn’t so much of an issue, though after paying the agent’s fee on the new apartment, and the movers, it will end up almost the same as paying an extra 2-3 months rent (yikes!), which makes it a very expensive move compared to last time. BUT… also a much more comfortable one. One thing is for sure – I am hiring professional movers and hang the expense. I will never go through what I did last time. So there.  😉

BUT… what about packing? So far I’ve only had one quote and they also offer to pack up everything – EVERYTHING! – for an extra 300€. Has anyone out there done this? Is it worth it? I mean, it certainly sounds worth it, but is it as stress free as it sounds? Or will I have to be there hovering over their every move? It sounds like a dream come true – they promise to do it all in one day – but can it be trusted?