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So yeah, this is going on in the new Casa Azahar as we speak. My pretty bathroom has been turned into a (temporary) disaster area. Cats are not pleased. What happened was that last Wednesday – two days after moving in – the aircon suddenly stopped working. Just like in the old place last year.

The difference is that my new landlord sent a guy over on Thursday who diagnosed the problem – DEAD MACHINE – and my landlord immediately ordered a new system on Friday. Then the weekend happened, so nothing got delivered until today. What you see here is Stage One. Manuel the Magnificent showed up this evening with the new machine parts, and got to work taking out the old ones. He’ll be back tomorrow to finish the job.

It’s kind of ironic that this happened to me AGAIN, and this past week has been VERY HOT, but I’m also so pleased that my present landlord is on top of things. And Manuel says I’m actually better off because the new machine will be more energy efficient and cheaper to run. So just one more day until I can BE COOL again…