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So FUCKING fed up with @IKEAspain, who have been dicking me around for a week over this one order. A cupboard for my hallway, which was finally delivered 3 days late, but they still haven’t sent anyone to assemble it. Three times now I’ve waited at home (4 hour windows) and nobody showed up, or even called to say nobody would be showing up. This is the shittiest customer “service” l have ever experienced.

No problem when l spent 1200€ at IKEA two weeks previously, but apparently this 250€ order (and my time) doesn’t matter to them. How about l invoice them for my 12 lost hours? Not to mention l wouldn’t still have fucking boxes in my hallway if this had all been done as promised. And I’m supposed to be on holiday this week, not dealing with this shit. At this point it’s feeling like abuse.