A few weeks ago I was wondering if I should try Morcilla on some wet food, since some days she barely eats at all. Though other days she eats well and overall seems very healthy. And you may recall that I recently switched Loki & Luna to cat food for Mature Adults, keeping Morcilla on the Young Adult food. Well, when I ordered more of both types the other day, it arrived with this “gift”, a 10-pack of wet food for young adult sterilised cats.

But now I’m not sure what to do. Should I try Morcilla with it? Does she really need to be eating more? And – probably TMI – sometimes her stools are quite hard, so perhaps she does need more moisture in her diet?

Changing a cat’s diet is always fraught with the unknown. In general changes should be made gradually (which is why L & L are presently eating a 50-50 mix of the Mature and Young food) so perhaps suddenly giving Morcilla wet food, which she has never had before, might end up being too much for her? Or maybe it’s what she’s always needed to perk up her appetite.

Meanwhile, it’s a shame to waste this food. If I don’t give it to Morcilla perhaps I should just carry a packet around in my bag for random street cats – in their case any food is a blessing.