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So here I thought that I’d come up with the perfect solution for last night’s BLACK OUT SITUATION. In fact, it came to me while I was happily Netflixing with the cats in the evening after having had a great lunchtime tapas tour out with the parents of an Australian woman who’d taken my tour six years ago.

Anyhow, there I was all cosy when it hit me that there is always a soft golden glow filtering through the slatted blinds from the street lights in front of the living room balcony. Which I then realized happened to be one of the streets not affected by the 3-hour power cut. So… YAY! It was obvious. I’d just camp out on the sofa bed in the living room for the night and there would be plenty of light in my temporary bedroom.

Which was what I did. Of course as soon as I started prepping the “bed” the cats all wanted to know what was going on, and they actually had a lot of fun with me camping out in a different room. I even woke up at one point during the night and wondered why stuff like the internet modem and printer were still lit up. And the next morning I found out why.

I HAD THE WRONG DATE. Well, what? The notice said the power cut would take place November 2 from 00.00 – 3.00. I took that to mean from midnight last night, because by 00.00 it would already be the 2nd, right? Whatever. Wrong. So now I have to do the camping out thing again tonight. I may even splash out and open up the sofa bed to its full double width! Hey, don’t blame me… you’re following this blog.  😉