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Peter, Javier & Laura at Las Teresas

Last year I got a lovely surprise visit from Sarah, and just a couple of months ago Alex was back in town. Then the other day I heard that Javier and his wife Laura would be visiting. The connection is that all these lovely people were once my flatmates when I was living in Mateos Gago.

Javier & Laura were spending some time in Sevilla and Andalucía after having spent the past year travelling around the world. It was wonderful to meet up with Javi again after 18 years and still feel like great friends. Peter joined us for lunch and we went to a weekend BBQ in Prado de San Sebastián. Laura said that after a month in Morocco they were happy to be eating pork and drinking wine again. After a long lazy lunch sitting outside in the warm November sunshine, we made our way back to the centre for “dessert” (a plate of jamón Ibérico with manzanilla pasada at Las Teresas), followed by a penúlitima at La Azotea. And then all too soon it was time to say hasta luego.

My life truly is filled with having met and known some pretty wonderful people. I should always remember this when I am feeling oppressed by backstabby assholes, so I can put things back in perspective. This was a fabulous day.