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So I’ve just ordered this from Amazon. I saw it yesterday at El Corte Inglés, but it was 20€ more (!!), and so although I may still have to take Loki back to the vet’s this weekend (hope not) I decided to save some cash and order it online, even if it means having to lug him in the normal carrier again. But it will be great for future vet visits – as you can see, I could either wheel Loki along or carry him backpack style. On Tuesday my arms almost fell off trying to get him to the taxi, and I was sure I was going to put my back out. That guy weighs a ton.

It will also be useful in case of emergency. Remember when my previous house caught fire at 4 am? Well at that time I just had Azar and Loki, who both fit into a larger carrier I have, and Peter carried them out while I grabbed my laptop. And while I could probably fit all three cats into the big carrier now, I’d never be able to lift it. So with this set up I could put Loki and Luna in the wheelie bag and Morcilla in her little travelling shoulder bag, and could manage them all that way. Of course I hope this won’t ever be necessary, but better to be prepared (especially with a chain-smoking 80-year-old neighbour).

Loki update. He’s still vomiting a bit. But otherwise he’s mostly keeping food down, plus he’s drinking water and doesn’t look/act sick Still might have to take him in for that blood test though, even if just to eliminate other possible causes. Still annoyed with myself for not insisting it be done the other day. Oh well.