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I swear I will never be “Sevillana” enough to understand this. THIS being the popularity of the Plaza del Salvador, a pretty square that features the second largest church in Sevilla (after the Cathedral). Across from the Salvador church are two hole-in-the-wall bars that basically just sell beer. And they sell A LOT of beer. To massive crowds of people who don’t seem to mind that it takes forever to get your beer, and then you stand outside jostling shoulder to shoulder with everyone else until you want another beer… and then repeat.

This isn’t an age thing, because I did try when I first came here 25 years ago. I would join friends in the square for a beer, struggle to get into one of the bars to place an order, then pick up the beers and struggle again to find my way back to my friends. Before long I decided that this scene was, frankly, no fun at all. I mean seriously… all that hassle just for a beer? No thanks. Still, it remains one of THE places to be in Sevilla. Go figure.