I so often come to these things late in the game. Like when I first saw Sex and the City while on chemo in 2008 (long after the series had ended) as back then it was being shown here every morning at 9.30 and it was an easy hour – 2 episodes a day – to mindlessly switch off.

There are other examples that escape me at the moment, but the most recent one is the Big Bang Theory. I mean, I’d heard of it (though I hadn’t realized it is still in production with series 11!). I happened upon it because I had happened upon another new series called Young Sheldon and found it amusing. Then the penny dropped and I checked out BBT. I can’t remember when I started with it but somehow I have actually got through the first 10 series (!!!) and am now watching it “in real time”.

It’s also proved useful for work. The other night I was out with a family, parents with their two teenage kids, and at one point the girl was talking about how organized she likes to be. And I said… “so do you mean SHELDON organized or just normal organized?” and I think scored some points. Couldn’t have done that a few months ago.  🙂