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I had to open a personal Facebook page a few years ago in order to have FB Pages for my business(es). But I never used the personal page because, well, I just don’t like Facebook. Then a while back I noticed that I could publish my Casa Azahar blog post links on other platforms (FB, Twitter, Tumblr) and so I started doing that. Then I started getting occasional comments on my FB, even though to see the entire blog post you have to click through to WordPress. And so it became just another way of connecting with people, especially those whose only social media is FB.

But that’s all about to end. As of August 1st Facebook will no longer allow third party publishing on personal pages. Why? Who the fuck knows. So my FB personal page is soon to go dark. Apparently you will still be able to third party publish on FB business pages, so my option is to either change my personal FB page to a business one (and why would I do that?) or else start publishing directly on my personal page. But you know what? I simply don’t have time. I don’t use FB, rarely scroll through the timeline, etc. Even on my business pages (Sevilla Tapas & We Love Tapas) pretty much everything published there comes from my Instagram accounts.

I was actually surprised when I started getting all kinds of new FB friend requests on the personal page, since it’s just links to my blog (making it probably the most boring FB page out there). Because my blog, now more than 12 years old, went through a change starting in 2008, while recuperating from various cancer operations and going through chemo twice. It took on another meaning for me, and became almost like a daily “therapy session” when I gave myself the challenge to post something every day, no matter how sick or scared or lost I felt, so that at least each morning I had something to get out of bed for and to work towards. Which meant it turned it into a “daily scrapbook” (dear diary?) kind of blog, and I’ve kept it going that way ever since, mostly because if I ever stopped posting something every day I would feel pressure that the NEXT post will have to be about something interesting or important. 😉

I’ve never been sure how that translated on the FB format, to be honest, or if anyone actually clicked through to read entire blog posts on WordPress, but as of next week I won’t have to think about that anymore. This will be good news for those of you who friended me on FB only to discover that – eek – I just posted a bunch of crap all the time. And for those of you who enjoy reading my stuff, well, you can still find me on the Casa Azahar blog and chat with me here. You can even subscribe (link in the footer) so a wee notice pops in your email when something is posted, in case you forget to look. Well, I guess that’s it. Back to work now…