photo by @mebellamy

I have become somewhat obsessed with my friend Marilyn’s (aka Nag On The Lake) new kitten Carmen. Coaxed in from her garden one day mid-July, the kitten formerly known as #feralkitten was soon being called Carmen (Marilyn and Harold had recently been to see the opera) because M saw her as a feisty little gypsy… turns out she was right.

So ha. Been watching Carmen’s progress with unabashed delight. This little beast reminds me so much of Morcilla, totally taking over the house – and the other two senior pets Joyce & Lizzie – in disruptive, destructive and totally charming ways that she leaves everyone in awe. And in love. Anyhow, saw this on Twitter the other day and it reminded me of Carmen.

Marilyn replied with this one… ahahahaa….