This happens every time. Since I can’t fit my duvet into the washing machine at home I have to take it to either a laundry service or laundrette. This time I did the latter, only to discover that the soap and – ugh – fabric softener is added automatically. The woman assured me it was very subtle, not overly “perfumy”. Apparently she has no idea what the word subtle means. It was awful, even after paying for a second rinse. When I got home I tried airing it out on the rack in the guest room, with the windows open, but it actually stank up the whole apartment (!!!) so I had to move it upstairs.

Okay, I realise that I am both blessed and cursed with a super accute sense of smell. This especially makes me happy when the azahar is in blossom. But it also means that smells other people may not even notice are VERY noticable to me. And so there is no way I could sleep with this, or even have it in my house, in its present smelly state (April fresh flowery freshness?? Who the hell are they trying to kid?). Seriously, when I went up to see if an entire day in the sun and fresh air had helped the situation the smell almost knocked me out as soon as I stepped out onto the terrace. So it looks like it will be up there for several days, or until the rain starts this weekend. Yeah I know… it’s not easy being me. 😉