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Morcilla has been turning into quite the unstoppable force. Mostly she uses her kitteh super powers for good, by which I mean making me feel like the most special person on the planet, but other times she demands payment. Above you can see her in her role as my Personal Assistant, and having her attached to my shoulder (seriously attached, with claws) is actually welcome company as I spend several hours each day at the computer and her cuddling and nuzzling and purring somehow makes everything feel fabulous.

More recently she has become “helpful in the kitchen” (please ignore spattered windows – it’s been raining and I have yet to wash them). Here Morcilla is extremely happy – you can tell by her puffed out tail – as she has just climbed up my back (ouch!) and after a short while perched on my shoulder she jumped over to the little storage shelf and had a good sniff around. Potatoes and onions and garlic – oh my!

But it seems I can’t turn my back for TWO MINUTES. After finishing with some washing up in the kitchen I suddenly found myself Morcilla-less. Where could she be? Didn’t have to look far to find her at another of her favourite activities… dragging stuff out of drawers under my bed through the small opening that is supposed to act as a handle. She will often get the drawer open eventually and pull everything out, and then climb inside.

To be honest…. I love this shit! Yes, it’s a bit annoying at times, but it is mostly adorable. And, being a house cat, there isn’t really a lot going on for these guys. Loki and Luna mostly just do the eat, sleep, lounge around thing… but Morcilla is much more about having FUN. Once again she reminds me so much of Azar. And just like Azar, she has become much more affectionate and demanding as she gets older. What can I say? I’m all hers.