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I was invited to a reception at the City Hall caseta on Monday afternoon, so off I went. Along with about 8 million other people. That tent was PACKED. We stayed for a drink and a snack but then had to get out of there. Between the crush of people and the heat it was just too much.

After that we stopped in at another municipal caseta (almost all the casetas at this fair are private) and somehow scored a table (!) close to the front of the stage (!!) and it was wonderful. Anyone can get up and dance Sevillanas on the stage and to everyone’s delight this fabulous gentleman – the one in the cap with the castanets –  was up there every chance he could get.

Bear in mind that Sevillanas are usually danced with a man and woman, as the steps are different for each. But this guy didn’t care if his dance partner was male or female, and in this case,  even two guys at once. They were all having a great time, as you can see. Made my day!  🙂