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So… uh oh!… last night I signed up for a month free trial thingy with HBO. I already get to see some HBO series with my Movistar package (for example, Game of Thrones) but I was particularly interested in seeing Chernobyl, which everyone is raving about. So I signed up. No problem, one month and I’m outta there, right?

Or will I be??

My first thought after perusing the series and films on offer was that I should have done this in July or August, when I’d have more free time. There is just so much good shit there! Aside from Chernobyl I also have Killing Eve, Handmade’s Tale, Big Little Lies and the Deadwood movie lined up. And looking back, there always has been great shit there (The Wire, Sopranos, even SATC). So now what? Should I swap Netflix for HBO? Help?