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Grupo La Raza invited a group of us “usual suspects” to try out their Tastes of the World menu at brand new T-Raza (terraza) restaurant. The venue is impressive, with a cocktail bar at street level and a large terrace restaurant overlooking the river.

T-Raza will only be open during the summer months, but the space is available for private events throughout the year. You can see the menu below. I suspect I was the only one at our table who had actually tasted the original versions of these dishes (other than a poké bowl), and of course Caesar salad didn’t originate in Italy, but it was a fun evening a lovely time out.

Japan: sushi and maki

Vietnam: vietnamese rolls

Peru: sea bass and prawn ceviche

Italy: “caesar salad”

Hawaii: poké salad

China: prawn dumplings

India: chicken tikka masala

Russia: beef stroganoff

Dessert: box of sweet surprises