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What can I say? It’s dangerous going to El Corte Inglés after getting a nice tip on a Sevilla Tapas Tour. Because all of a sudden I needed to buy a sandwich maker! Justifications: 1) I’ve never had one before and 2) it was on sale! Also, there was that crazy good sounding savoury waffle recipe I saw on Twitter a couple of months ago that left me wishing I had a waffle iron (and dammit, if I’d had one then I would’ve actually saved that recipe). Another cool thing is that until I looked online for photos of this bad boy I didn’t realise it was designed to store upright – bonus!

To be honest, I probably won’t use this a lot, and when I do it will likely just be for grilled cheese toasties, but it’s been awhile since I bought myself a kitchen gadget (the mandolina back in 2017 that has yet to leave its box) so what the heck. What was the last frivolous thing you bought for yourself?