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I’m never sure WHICH anniversary I should celebrate. When I first arrived in Spain (end of May 1992) or the day I arrived in Sevilla (today in 1993). Thing is, I can’t remember the exact day I arrived in Spain (that passport has gone missing), but I remember not just the date but the time (8 pm) I arrived in Sevilla. Possibly the longest day of my life, driving down from Salamanca with a friend, car packed full of boxes and two screaming cats (Lua and baby Sunny). And then having to wait in the car for three hours after arriving because the landlord was late, finally moving everything up three flights of stairs at 11 o’clock. Phew.

I had no real plans for the day (though a nice anniversary lunch and an evening concert are on tomorrow’s agenda) so I started off with a nice glass of manzanilla at Manolo Cateca and then simply wandered around Sevilla with my memories for a couple of hours. Then my friend Corinna met up with me at Casa Morales and we had a couple of penúltimas together before finishing with some early evening tapas. I was supposed to meet another friend for drinks later on, but after six bars (2 on my own, 4 with Corinna) I figured I’d had quite enough fun for one day. Good times.