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What a whirlwind visit that was! Arrived in Málaga at noon on Sunday and caught the 18.30 train home on Wednesday. As you can see, I packed a lot in between visiting with friends, doing some wine research for (I hope) another article and, of course, having some lovely food. Also got to see the Christmas lights, which were gorgeous as usual. And I did a LOT of walking – a total of 66,628 steps! I almost didn’t go because I’m a bit broke at the moment, which was also the reason I didn’t have my usual summer Málaga getaway. But with the oncology appointment looming (next Monday!) I decided that I would take a short break whether I could afford it or not. Sometimes you just gotta live.

Anyhow, so many photos to sift through! Lots are up on my Instagram accounts (sevillatapas and azahar) and you can click on this (or the image above) to see the BIG version of the collage.