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I just read about a town in Galicia called Vilagarcía that celebrates NYE at 12.00 noon on the 31st of December, rather than wait until midnight. They do the whole shebang, with a countdown and eating the 12 lucky grapes, but at a much more sensible hour. Me, I’ve been doing this for years (without the grapes).  I prefer going out to celebrate during the afternoon, usually having a lovely lunch with a friend, drinking cava, etc, so that by New Year’s Eve I am back at home in pyjamas with the cats, watching movies and chatting with friends around the globe on whatsapp.

This time lunch was with Lucy @sparkybakewell, and we had a fabulous time. What do you like doing on New Year’s Eve?


Castizo manager Andrés and chef Kiko

AMAZING fried onion “flower”