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So when I was with Josephine at Puratasca on Friday we talked about all kinds of things, at one point discussing online privacy and the general snoopiness of practically every company out there, mining all our personal data. Both of us agreed that we would never have an Alexa, and I mentioned that Facetime glitch awhile back where, if one of the people on the call didn’t hang up afterwards, they could continue to listen in on the other person/people after the app appeared to be turned off. Apparently that’s been fixed, but I immediately removed that app from everywhere, even though I don’t use it. Can’t be too cautious. Likewise I have a piece of black tape over my laptop webcam, which means the lens is now probably all gacky from the glue, but I never use it so anyhow it doesn’t matter.

Then it was time to leave and we stopped by the kitchen to thank chef Raúl and he gave us some SWAG on the way out, including a ceramic fridge magnet celebrating their 10th anniversary and that little tchotchke on the right. Ever seen one of those before? Well, I hadn’t. What you do is stick it over your laptop webcam (with the circle over the cam), and then the top part slides open and shut. Genius! Except, hang on… we had just been talking about this. Was there a microphone in the bread basket, a listening device under the table, was the fork really JUST A FORK?? I mean, what are the odds that we would be randomly discussing covering up our webcams (Josephine does it too) and then get presented with a solution. Eh… eh??  😉