Victorio & Lucchino Agua Nº 1 Azahar

Yeah, I know I’m supposed to be cutting back on spending, but this was on sale (11 euros!) and I couldn’t resist. It’s actually been rebranded since this photo and is called Azahar Radiante, so I didn’t realise until I got home that it was more complex than that. Basically the bergamot hits you first, then you smell the orange blossom, followed by a background note of patchouli. Now I understand why I couldn’t resist this – turns out to be three of my favourite smells ever. Well, I didn’t know that patchouli was one of my favourites until a few years ago when a sommelier took a sniff of me as I walked into his wine shop and said … patchouli! Say what? Apparentlly it’s one of the ingredients in my signature Clinique Elixir perfume. Seriously, I get so many compliments on Elixir that I worry I may have put too much on, but no. It’s just quite distinctive and apparently I wear it well.

Anyhow, I wasn’t actually looking for another scent for my body (tear my Elixir from my cold dead hands!), more something I could spritz around the house, escpecially in winter with all the balcony doors shut, in order to bring a bit of springtime indoors. And wow, is this wonderful. A spritz or two and suddenly it smells like heaven at home, and it lingers just long enough.