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I got my first mask the other day when I took out the rubbish and made a quick trip to the supermarket. I had tried buying some online but there were so many kinds to choose from that I just got confused and gave up. I thought it would be easier at the pharmacy but it wasn’t really. Sure there were fewer choices but I still had no idea what I was looking for. So I bought five of these cheap one-use paper ones and was a bit surprised when the woman just took them out of a large box of masks and put them in a bag. I mean, they weren’t wrapped in plastic or anything, and although I had seen her disinfecting her gloved hands when I walked in, I did think about the irony of catching the virus from my mask.

Anyhow, they’re not very nice to wear, are they? I can’t imagine having one on all day, especially in summer, as it gets quite hot under there. But since it looks like it may become mandatory for us to start wearing masks outside, any advice on what kind I should buy? I still have four, so that should keep me going for the next forty days (más o menos), but deliveries have been taking longer lately. If you have a link to some that you have purchased and would recommend that would be even better. Thanks!