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I wrote about Nico shortly after lockdown, because he had disappeared for a few days and I was worried about how he was going to get on with fewer people in the streets to give him money. He’s my “designated street guy”. I mean, I can’t afford to be giving money to all the street people, so it’s been my thing that wherever I’ve lived here I get to know one of them a bit and do my best to help them out. Not just with money but also stopping and chatting a bit. I was used to seeing Nico every day.

Anyhow, now that I am only going out about once every ten days or so I haven’t been able to give Nico much help but then I saw him walking past my house and called out for him to stop while I looked around for a fiver. I had visions of it fluttering down onto my neighbour’s balcony so I made it into a tight square and tossed it down to him – and that worked fine! So now I have a new method of getting some cash to him a bit more often, even if it means throwing my money around.  🙂