One hour before this shot, and about an hour and a half after, it was totally bucketing down with rain, but I managed to find a quick sunny hour to do my rooftop walk. It’s been like this a couple of days this week, so I can’t complain because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to take any walks at all. The other thing is that cooler temps are back with the rain, so I still haven’t had to use the aircon, thus saving some €€€.

I don’t want to say that living in confinement has become easy, but if you don’t fight it then you end up just going along with each day and carping the diem. Because I can’t really plan much, my days are more about the quality of them, how much I enjoy them, rather than on being productive, setting goals etc. Am I crazy to think that if I keep on with this relaxed come-what-may attitude then I might get back in touch with… me? And thus get a clearer idea of what I should do next?

Things I haven’t been doing… making up biz plans for “whenever” or “whatever”, taking online courses, giving online courses, reading books, making travel-food videos to sell online, making podcasts to promote my biz, listening to podcasts, writing “lockdown” articles to try and sell (or for that matter writing anything to try and sell), losing weight.

Things I have been doing… getting up WHENEVER. Cooking. Drinking wine. Being online a lot with social media and chats, reading articles. Exercising (walks and workouts). A bit of tv, some housework, the occasional (mostly accidental) nap, enjoying my cats. And letting my imagination run free.

It feels a bit like being in a state of incubation (possibly an unfortunate term to use right now) with ideas just floating around and waiting to see which ones will develop and hatch. This is a much more passive me, I usually want to get out there and get stuff done, have a plan, make things happen. But for the moment I’m just going with this, because something is telling me this is the way for me to go. Stay tuned!