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This is my dude. I wake up to this big guy stretched out next to me with his head on my pillow, like he owns the bed. The other two come and visit me while I’m in bed, but Loki is the only one who spends the entire night. It’s his time to get in ALL the cuddles.

When I had the first trio of cats they all slept with me, in my single bed, which I have to admit was a bit challenging. I’d often wake up in some sort of pretzel position with cats filling in the gaps. Then I moved and got a bigger bed, and so that was a bit more comfortable.

But there was a definite heirarchy. Lua got to sleep on my head, her son Sunny slept at my feet, and Azar would curl up along my side. When Lua died Azar wasted no time taking over the coveted pillow position, and Sunny moved up to the middle of the bed. But after Sunny left us and I found Loki as a companion for Azar… well, Azar was having none of that. I was his human, that was HIS pillow, and his bed.

So Loki never had a chance to sleep in my bed. Until Azar passed away. By that time Luna had also joined the family, but of course Azar totally ruled the bed by then, so the other two had to find somewhere else to sleep. But as soon as Loki realised Azar was gone, this was his chance. He started visiting during the night, the visits started lasting longer… finally he was IN.

Luna has always been a bit of a weirdo loner, but she does like bed visits. On her terms, when she wants them. But she has never spent the whole night with me. And Morcilla? It kills me but that this little girl, my heart of hearts, refuses to sleep in my bed. I blame Loki. I reckon if it was just me and Morcilla she’d be cuddling up with me every night. Especially as she spends every night curled up on either my comfy chair or my office chair, you know, the ones that are mine and smell like me. And she’s very possessive about me during the day. I think she is biding her time. She doesn’t like to share.

So yes, there is a whole other Sharing The Human routine for daytime, but we can talk about that another time.