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So as of last Monday we are in Phase 2 in Andalucía (Madrid and Catalunya are catching up and are on Phase 1). This means that more public spaces are opening, bars and restaurants have a bit more flexibility, non-essential shops and department stores are also allowed to open, and some restrictions are lifted for general circulation around town and within the province. All of course with the required “social distancing” measures, and all kinds of disinfecting, cleaning, etc going on. Ah, and masks have been mandatory since last weekend. If all goes well, Phase 3 is meant to start on June 8th.

What could go wrong? Well, plenty. I still see (from my balcony) too many people not wearing masks, walking too close to others, basically not giving a shit. So I am personally still in Phase 0, only going out for essential shopping and taking out the rubbish, otherwise I am staying home and staying safe. And walking on my roof (view from rooftop in photo above).

Today I was supposed to have had an oncology appointment, which was set up over a month ago with the proviso that it might get cancelled depending on the situation. In the end I asked to have it postponed until next month simply because I’m not ready to take the risk of getting on public transport, or even in a taxi, and the option of walking an hour in each direction when it’s 38º is a bit much. Also, I don’t even want to be near a hospital right now. I have already seen the results from the last three tests, so I assume my next appointment will be to set up the next “control” tests. There is still something very dodgy going on next to my stomach that – so far! – doesn’t look cancer related. But it needs to be monitored and checked regularly.

Hey, I can understand people wanting to get back to “normal”, and of course we have to get the economy moving again. I know I am not going to have any work until next spring, but others paying rent on shops and bars and restaurants, and running various other businesses, need to at least try and get things moving. I understand and respect that. It’s the general public I worry about. It’s like they haven’t learned one goddam thing. They are blaming the government for taking away their freedom, they are protesting so they can go back to how things were before, and it seems not many of them stop to consider and then realise that we are never going back to how things were before. They are behaving like children being told they can’t have ice cream for dinner. The mind reels.

I know some people think I’m being a bit doom and gloom, but I don’t see it that way. Everyone talks about how people are generally good-hearted and want to help. But I’m afraid my opinion of humanity is that we are basically selfish. Yes, it’s easy to be generous and caring when we still have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. But what happens when the chips are well and truly down? What we have seen so far is that many can’t even deal with not being able to meet friends for a beer, or having to “suffer” the minor inconvenience of wearing a mask, and they go apeshit.

Imagine if/when the second and third waves hit (remember the 1918 “Spanish” flu pandemic lasted two and a half years). Right now we still have our frontline heroes, who frankly never signed up to be heroes. Many are scared and many have died, and then they see selfish assholes going out to crowded bars and beaches the first chance they get, making their sacrifices meaningless. WHY would they do this a second, let alone a third, time? And what happens when nobody is there to keep our electricity and water supply going? When the food chain collapses? Seriously, it will be like the zombie apocalypse. Except we will be the zombies.