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cat stand (1)

So this happened! Back in May I was complaining (who me? 😉 )about how these cat scratch stand thingys barely last a year and had been looking around since then for a replacement. Saw one on Amazon for a good price and stuck it in my shopping basket to think it over, and then last week Amazon sent me a 5€ gift voucher (??). So what the heck, I decided to go for it. As you can see, its arrival and unpacking was the cause of much excitement and interest by Morcilla (AKA the nosiest cat ever) and she was happy to assist while I got the thing assembled.

cat stand (2)-001

It’s a bit smaller than the old one, but they never used that tube thing in the middle anyhow, and it seems to meet with everyone’s approval. Only issue is the little cubby hole bit in the new one is also smaller and I wasn’t sure if Loki would be able to fit into it, so when I dismantled the old one I kept the larger cubby hole as he’s taken to having naps in there lately. So I guess that’s it until next year.  🙂

cat stand (3)